Altın Orman

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the project located?

Gordion Altın Orman Project is located near to The Flying Road (Uçan Yol) project that will be built in Altındağ District which is aimed to be completed in August 2021.

2. What are features of the location?

The project site is located in 3 km coverage of Buca and part of Konak. In addition, some parts of Bayraklı are in 5 km coverage. Bornova and Buca are distinguished as counties with the largest student population. Dokuz Eylül, Ege and Yaşar Universities providing education for approximately 100,000 students whom are found in the coverage area. In addition, the Fashion, Textile and Readymade Textiles (MTK) Industrial Park comprised of 1200 businesses and Behçet Uz Recreation Area are also in the area.

3. What are transport means of the project?

In consideration of mass transport alternatives and freeway connection, the project has easy transport access prospects. The project has the most special location in İzmir due to the prospect of very swift access to surrounding freeways and downtown Konak with the Sky Road which will enterservice in December 2018. In addition, the Halkapınar-Bus Terminal Metro Line which is expected to be completed soon will provide transport means at 7 minutes of walkingdistance from Altındağ Station.

4. What are the project location features?

The close proximity to main routes which provide access to needs like health, transport and education means prove that you are at the correct address.

Where are we compared to: Bus Terminal (2.5 km) Konak (6 km)
Freeway (1.5 km)

Point Shopping Mall (2.5 km)
Ege University Hospital (5 km)
Yaşar University (4.5 km)
9 Eylül University Tınaztepe Campus (7 km)
MTK (500 m)

Forum Bornova (5 km)

Bayraklı (7 km)

Family Health Centre (1 km) Airport (15 km)
Justice Hall (7.5 km)

The project site is at 7 minutes of walking distance fromthe Halkapınar-Bus Terminal Metro Line which is expected to be completed soon.

Sky Road: The biggest advantage of the Altın OrmanProject is the prospect of very easy access with the Sky Road. The 7 km Sky Road comprising partly of a tunnel and partly of viaducts which is expected to be completed in December 2019 will provide very easy access for residentsof Altın Orman.

5. Who is the investor, Gordion Group?

Established in 1982, the company has successfully completed 4,500,000 mof building construction up to date. In addition many public buildings, the company has completed many Shopping Mall and Housing Projects in the last decade. The Altın Orman Project in İzmir is the first construction project of the company in İzmir, and thecompany aims to complete 1,000,000 mof housing andcommercial projects in İzmir in upcoming 5 years.

6. Who is the life architect of Altın Orman Project?

Established in 1982, Gordion Group has successfully completed 4,500,000 mof building construction up to date. In addition many public buildings, the company has completed many Shopping Mall and Housing Projects in the last decade. The Altın Orman Project in İzmir is the first construction project of the company in İzmir, and thecompany aims to complete 1,000,000 mof housing andcommercial projects in İzmir in upcoming 5 years.

In this project performed by Derin Yeşil ArchitectureGroup, the project officers are Selin Özertuğrul Öğütçüand Duygu Demirayak. Project concept is developed by HOK Architecture Firm.

Projects intended as a heritage for future are designed without compromising quality and based on customer satisfaction. Also having business management experience, our company aims to ensure life in our development is economical and easy when people start living in our development, and therefore the materials used in the project are determined in accord with this principle.

The company will continue to provide support with our technical teams even after the project is completed and people start to live in our development.

7. What is the total land area of the Gordion Altın Orman Project?

Total land area of the Gordion Altın Orman Project is38,000 m2.

8. Does the land of the Gordion Altın Orman Project belong to your company?

Yes. Our Company holds the title to the 38,000 mland.

9. What is the total construction area of the Gordion Altın Orman Project?

Total construction area of the Gordion Altın Orman Project is 180,000 m2, excluding landscaping works.

10. What is the project concept of the Gordion Altın Orman Project?

The Gordion Altın Orman Project is a housing project.

11. What is the total number of domiciles in the Gordion Altın Orman Project?

The Project comprised 1215 domiciles of various types.

12. What are the different suite types in the Gordion Altın Orman Project?

The Project comprises 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and a very small number of 4+1 suites, including 56 garden suites on floor or on elevation.

13. What is the domicile type and number distribution in the Gordion Altın Orman Project?

Total Number
A Block
(4 floor basement + ground + 29 floors) Total: 402 Suites 138 pcs. 1+1 suites
153 pcs. 2+1 suites
109 pcs. 3+1 suites
2 pcs. 4+1 suites
B Block
(4 floor basement + ground + 18 floors) Total: 300 Suites 124 pcs. 1+1 suites
124 pcs. 2+1 suites
52 pcs. 3+1 suites
C Block
(4 floor basement + ground + 29 floors) Total: 457 Suites 248 pcs. 1+1 suites
153 pcs. 2+1 suites
54 pcs. 3+1 suites
2 pcs. 4+1 suites
Garden Suites
Ground Floor and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Basements
30 pcs. 1+1 Suites

8 Ad 2+1 suites

14 Ad 2+1 Duplex Suites

4 Ad 3+1 Duplex Suites

14. Is there any commercial units in the Gordion Altın Orman Project?

There is a total of 422 m2 of commercial units comprising 7 stores.

15. How many blocks the Gordion Altın Orman Project will raise? What is the distance between the blocks?

Buildings in the project comprise 3 Blocks and the distance between these is 46 m.

16. How many of the suites in the Gordion Altın Orman Project have a sea view?

80% of the suites have a sea view.

17. What is the ceiling height of suites in the project?

The naked ferroconcrete internal ceiling height of the suites in project is 3 m. The suite height with dropped ceiling is 2.70 m and the height without dropped ceiling is 2.90 m.

18. What are the external facing, window joinery features of the Project?

The window joinery used on external facings of the project is made of imported material, providing very high heat and sound insulation, with PVC glazing.

19. What will be the consignment method for the residences? Are any architecture services provided for extra fees in case of demand?

The residences will be consigned by a consignment form, in fully completed condition according to project specifications. No extra architecture service will be provided.

20. If I wish to lease out or sell the residence will you help me with that?

Gordion Realty Development 2nd Hand, Leasing and Sale department will manage all leasing and 2nd hand sale transactions through Gordion Realty Development channels.

21. Who will conduct site management? What is the expected management and common use fee?

Site management for the Gordion Altın Orman Project will be assumed by the Gordion Gayrimenkul Geliştirme Yatırım ve Site Yön. A.Ş. company for a term of 10 years.Management and common use area fees are not expected to exceed TRY 2.5 per square meter.

22. What are the common use area features?

Project will include pools, decorative pools, basketball field, mini football field, special free range pet areas, children's play fields and parks, wood houses in the forest, picnic areas in the grove, gazebos, walk paths, hobby gardens, orchards, natural grove, fitness, sauna, squash, multi-purpose hall (for meetings and special days), short term (2~3 hours) children's club for young children and bicycle park for children.

23. What is the building structure system?

The buildings are built with ferroconcrete frame system.

24. What is the average elevation of the land from sea level?

The average elevation from sea level is 110 metres.

25. What type of foundations will be used in buildings in the Project?

250 cm high radial general foundations with post drive reinforcement system.

26. What are the earthquake resistance features and ground properties of the project?

Even though the terrain is stable, a total of 818 ferroconcrete fore posts 30-35 m in length and Φ80 to Φ120 cm in diameter will be driven and the total length offore posts driven under foundations for ground stabilisation will be 26,500 m. In addition, 250 cm of radial general foundation will be built on top of the fore posts. The foundation and ferroconcrete calculations for the building were reinforced in accord with the latest earthquake regulations. In this context, the buildings are being built with very high earthquake resistance.

27. How the heating and cooling systems of the residences in project will be provided?

In residences heating will be provided through radiators heated by hot water from a heating centre operated with natural gas. Cooling will be provided by separate air conditioning systems whose internal and external units will be procured by the house owner. The general use water in residences again will be provided from the heating centre operated with natural gas.

28. How the ventilation will be provided?

A ventilation system will be available to provide fresh air in elevator halls. In the suites there will be exhaust systems sucking air from kitchen hoods and toilets.

The floor halls will be provided with conditioned fresh air, which will be heated in winter months.

29. What are the earthquake safety measures in the buildings?

Buildings have a high level of earthquake safety measures. All calculations and projects are designed to ensure building safety in case of an earthquake, and the buildings have very high resistance against earthquakes. The radial general foundation system transmits the building loads through posts down to the hard claystone at a depth of 35 metres.

30. Will residences have dedicated storage spaces?

Yes. Each suite will have 1 storage space of approximately 5 min basement floors of the buildings.

31. What is the width of balconies in suites and corridors in common areas?

The width of common area corridors is 150 cm, and the width of suite balconies is 150 cm.

32. Is there sound insulation between suites and floors?

There is sound insulation between suites and floors.

33. What are the water utility features of suites in project?

Mains water to the buildings will be provided from city network. Waste water system again will be connected to the sewage system of the Municipality.

34. Will the site provide security service?

Yes. The site will provide 24 hour round security services at security gates at site entrances and security kiosks placed at the entrance each block.

Main entrances of buildings and general areas of the site will be controlled by a closed circuit security camera system for security purposes.

35. What are the infrastructure features of the Project?

WATER RESERVOIRS: The water reserve in the water reservoirs of the building has a capacity sufficient for 2-3 days of use. In addition, rainwater is collected in a separate reservoir for use in landscape irrigation.

TELEPHONE AND INTERNET INFRASTRUCTURE: Fiber-optical internet, provided by Türk Telekom, and telephone infrastructure are available in required number.

TV INFRASTRUCTURE: Cabling infrastructure convenient with D-Smart and DİGİTÜRK, preparedchannels and TVs subscribed by means of fiber (For instance, Tivibu provided by T.Telekom). Central TV network will be constituted with HeadEnd System.

CCTV: Monitoring and recording system will be established as per the security-based scenario.

INTERCOM: Video intercom system is presented.

EMERGENCY LIGHTENING: Emergency lightening and direction systems will be established as per the scenario in all the building.

FIRE WARNING: Fire warning and buzzer system will be established in all the building. Acoustic system will also be established for any kind of emergency case.

HOT WATER: Hot water is provided by means of calorimeter water stations at the entry of flats, and so each flat makes payment how much it consumes.

36. Was the smart house system used in the property?

Yes, it was.

37. What is Smart House System?

It is a technology which the users give instructions related to property comfort and utilization by virtue of a mobile device (smart phone, tablet etc.) while being inside or outside of the property or of the screen in the property. This system allows you to manage comfort, saving and time.

38. Which features are there within Smart House?

Having capacity to develop easily and fulfil the basic requirements in the direction of demands of users, the infrastructure will be utilized in the properties.

39. Is there any monthly or annual subscription fee for the system to be established?

There is no subscription fee for the system to be established.

40. Will Smart House Automation lose connection if the internet service is lost?

In case internet service is lost the system will continue to run offline and allow you to control your system from home (including cell phone, tablet, etc.). Only remote control will be unavailable.

41. How many parking spots there are for each suite?

Excluding some 1+1 suites, each suite will be entitled to 1 parking space.

42. Does car parking area of the project have direct access to the residences?

Suite owners can reach their homes through the common use elevators.

43. How many elevators will there be in residence floors of the project?

Block A and Block C residence floors will have a total of 6 elevators, and Block B residence floors will have a total of 5 elevators.

44. What is the speed of the elevators in the project?

Elevators in the project have a speed of 4 m/s.

45. Do the kitchen stoves in the project work on natural gas?

All stoves in the project are electric type.

46. Is Altın Orman environmentally-friendly?

Yes. Solar panels on the building terraces will be used to generate power for space lighting. In addition, rainwater will be stored and used to irrigate landscaping.

47. Which of the embedded kitchen goods are provided free of charge?

Stove, Oven, Hood, Dish Washer

48. Are any other items in the suite provided free of charge as included in property price?

Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Cabinet, Checkroom, Shower Cabin, Towel Rack and Lockers in some suites.

49. What is the fire action plan of the project?

In accord with the Fire Protection Regulations and Mechanical Installations Project, the Project includes fire escape stairs, fire cabinet, fire alarm button, smoke sensors, as well as heat detectors as fire detection system and sprinkler system as fire suppression system in the closed car parking area.

50. How is the access of the Altın Orman Project to other Public Services?
  • The Primary School is at a walking distance of 500 m to the site.
  • At the end of the project the current sales office will be turned over to be used as a Police Station.
  • The space allotted by the Ministry of Health to build a Medical Centre is adjacent to the site.
51. What do you think a reliable and high quality project should include?

What we learned in our 36 years of business life is nothing can replace experience. Moving from that, we open the doorto a better life for you with Altın Orman Project with avisionary life style answering all needs with groves, recreational areas, the peace around hundred year old olives, social areas, security and open-closed car parking

52. Why should we buy from Altın Orman?

If you believe the project respond to your and your family's needs and think you can live out your life without changing this home. In addition, you should think of buying a homein Altın Orman if you see the difference between AltınOrman and other projects.

53. For which purpose should I buy a house from the Altın Orman Project: for investment or to live in?

Altın Orman is not only a housing project, but also provides a living space which will increase your and your family's lifelong comfort with the other functions and features itprovides. Altın Orman will meet many life needs you oryour children might have. In addition, Altın Ormanresidences carry a very good investment value for the future.

54. Why do you think living in Altın Orman is a privilege?

With our unmatched construction site including 15,000 m2of natural grove and 11,000 mof landscaping we aim to provide you with a life commanded by green and filled with blue of the sea.

Our project possessing an exclusive architecture you will breathe in a very clean ait at our garden floors and balcony spaces. Exceeding even European Standards with 25 mof greenfield per body, tree houses, pedestrianised walking and cycling roads provide you a high quality life.

55. What are the property prices and payment conditions in Altın Orman Project?

We wait you at our sales office to help you adjust maturity options with bank credit and Gordion assurance to enjoyAltın Orman comfort and take your place in a profitableproject.

56. What is the consignment date of the Project?

Altın Orman Project will be consigned on February 2021.

57. Why is the Project name Altın Orman?

Location of the Project is in Bornova County, Altındağ (Golden Mountain) District. The "Altın" (Gold) part comesfrom the district name, while the "Orman" (Forest) part comes from the fact that the project site includes a 15,000 m2 natural pine forest, as well as being adjacent to a large grove, and the fact that the mountain behind the project site is covered with a forest. Therefore it is deemed appropriateto call the project as "Altın Orman" (Golden Forest).

58. What kind of life waits you at Altın Orman?

A new life you cannot delay. We think of children and young people first to leave a liveable heritage for future generations.

The most important possession for parents is their children. Based on this, we aimed to create a happy world for children belonging just to them where they can freely play in a secure environment, where they can be close to the nature and get into sports activities, where they can live in fresh air but close to downtown. We included parks, children's pool, walking and cycling roads, basketball, volleyball and mini football fields, and areas where they can walk their small and cute pets to help them discover themselves and grow healthy. As we are aware of the value of time in a busy schedule we did not forget the parents. We tried to create many ambiances where you can leave fatigue and stress of the day behind. Dream of having a picnic with your family and spending the weekend by lying on the grass and resting under the fruit trees in our 15,000 mnatural grove completely reserved for your use. In addition, we alsocreated the swimming pool, sauna, fitness and the AltınOrman Excursion Terrace. As creating liveable and heritage worthy projects is our job, we are proud to invite you tohave a privileged life in Altın Orman Project.

59. Why 5 in 1?

Since the project site is 110 m high from sea level and adjacent to a forest the site has cleaner air and gets more wind.
The high elevation of the project site allows the buildingshave a high seated İzmir view including sea and forestviews.
Project location next to Sky Road make it the most advantageous location in İzmir for transport access ofproperties there.
The Project is being built on a land area of 38,000m2, the buildings covering 12,000 mof this. Of the remaining 26,000 m2, 15,000 m2 is a natural grove, while 11,000 m2comprises pools, pet walking areas, etc. as well as 4,000 m2of greenfield at ground floor terraces, decorative pools andgreen fields. With these features, Altın Orman Projectcomprises 25 mof greenfield per resident body, which meets the European Standards.
In addition to the 4 features detailed above, 36 years of history and 4,500,000 m2 of superstructure experience of the Investor provides assurance that the properties will be built with special and high quality materials and high quality workmanship.

60. Do you believe any other housing development has 5 in 1 feature?

It would more appropriate if our esteemed customers research and answer this question for themselves.