Gordion Group

Altın Orman


Open a golden page in your life. Welcome to Altın Orman.

The best part of life is the peace of embracing the green and breathing in the blue. To live all these colours together we are building a masterpiece in its own grove at the peak of İzmir, where you can live infinity with every breath. We design it so you can have a location right next to the sky road with easy access. Altın Orman comes to life as a project responding to your passions with 37 years of Gordion Group assurance.

Take a Fancy...

Are you ready for a life concept which has a peace-giving forest and landscape of 28.000 m2 and building area of 180.000 m2 and includes 1215 properties of which 80% has sea view on the south perspective, and consists of 3 blocks in star-triangular shape and which you can feel yourself special?

Live Pleasantly...

You know Izmir, the city where you fall in love in the first encounter. It is an 24-hour-excellent city dancing with peace and not hesitating to make you happy day and night. If you drew a house in the sky and we designed the happiness for you, it would be so.

Altın Orman Izmir is the golden project of Izmir which we believe that any feature will reach you to more. You new atmosphere and life profile which you can welcome your family and friends in the cafes presenting the favourite tastes of Turkish cuisine, and which you can enjoy with family and friends with many social plants that you can have fun in the peace-giving-barbecue and social activity areas with fresh air, and which you can scout in the wood with the shops presenting the freshest products and semi-Olympic pool and you can access to city center and workplace easily by means of the sky road and Konak tunnel connection by being far away traffic and near to nature, and which you can enjoy breathing due to excellent location and panorama. Well, we are asking you,

Aren’t you happier with a smart house which thinks of you more than you, and your security and comfort are prioritized?